Dear players,


Welcome to join new MMORPG – Asura Force Closed Beta Test!


In CBT, you will enjoy a very fast level-up, have privilege to experience valuable items and feature systems in advance.  Moreover, excellent CBT players will be rewarded special Titles for OBT.


Join AF CBT now!  Kinds of events will offer you lots of bonus and fun.


Important Notice:
This CBT is a character data wipe test.  After CBT, players’ character data will be wiped out, but game account will be kept for you and parts of F-Points you gained in some CBT event will be fully refunded to you.

1000% Exp & 400% DR on Dec 10



Let’s enjoy a very high item drop rate boost during Asura Force Close Beta Test (CBT) - from Dec 4 to Dec 11 (PST / GMT - 8).


Gold 200%
Green Item 200%, Blue Item 200%, Purple Item 200%

Duration: 18:00, Dec 4 – 18:00, Dec 6


Gold 300%
Green Item 300%, Blue Item 300%, Purple Item 300%
Duration: 18:00, Dec 6 – 18:00, Dec 9


Gold 400%
Green Item 400%, Blue Item 400%, Purple Item 400%
Duration: 18:00, Dec 9 – 0:00 Dec 11


1000% Experience
Gold 400%
Green Item 400%, Blue Item 400%, Purple Item 400%
Duration: 0:00 Dec 10 – 0:00 Dec 11 (Server Time / GMT-8)



Daily Lavish Gifts

Every player in CBT will receive lavish gifts through in-game mail every day.  During the whole CBT (18:00, Dec 4 – 0:00, Dec 11), all the gifts you get totally worth more than 10,000 A-Points!


*A-Point is consumption monetary in A-Point Shop.  A-Point Shop sells all popular items you need.

GM Stall - Low Price Goods!


At 18:00 – 18:30 and 0:00 – 0:30 every day during event time, GMs will set stalls in random cities or towns in both Cosmos Tribe and Chaos Tribe to sell valuable shop item at a very low price.  Don’t miss the chance!


Event Duration:
18:00, Dec 4 – 0:30, Dec 11 (PST / GMT-8)


Event Time:
18:00 – 18:30
0:00 – 0:30

Challenge BOSS, Loot Treasures!

BOSS of different levels will get together in wilderness.  Come to challenge them and loot treasures, equipments and suits!


Event Duration:
1:30 – 2:00, Dec 10(PST / GMT-8)

Get Help from GMs!


GMs will come online to ask players’ questions, feel free to get help from them!


Other ways to get GMs help: report your problem on Forum.


Event Duration:
18:00 Dec 4 – 0:00 Dec 11 (PST / GMT - 8)


Event Time:
18:00 – 19:30
0:00 – 1:30

Enhance Your Equipments, Win +10 Mount!

During event time, GMs will come to main cities in both Cosmos Tribe and Chaos Tribe and ask players to show their enhancement fruit. 


Show your +7 weapons, defense gears or mounts to GMs, and you will get the windfall – a +10 Mount!


Event Duration:
23:30 – 24:00, Dec 7 – Dec 10 (PST / GMT - 8)

Show Achievement, Win Rewards!

GMs will ask players to show an Achievement in world chat channel, all the players who show the appointed achievements will win Rich Rewards!


Event Duration:
22:00 – 23:00, Dec 4 – Dec 10 (PST / GMT - 8)

Catch Bugs, Win F-Points!

Discover bugs in game, official website and give suggestions to the appointed threads on forum.  Win F-Points


Suggestion Collection:


*F-Point is consumption monetary in F-Point Shop which sells special and unique items.

*F-Points you acquired in this event will be fully refunded to you in Open Beta Test (OBT, starts on Dec 5), no matter you have used it or not.


Event Starts at:
0:00, Dec 3

Asura Force Senior Player

A player reaches level 20, 30, 40 and 50 in CBT will get different grades of F-Points reward in OBT and all players above level 30 will get a special Title "Senior Player" in OBT.



from CBT to OBT.

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