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Quick Level up (Level 1-10)


At this stage, player will get familiar with game by following beginner guidance quests.  As long as you complete beginner quests at main city, you will find yourself has reached level 10 easily!




1. Look for a Master


When you reach level 5, you can apply to a player who is level 30 or above as your master. After that, once you level up you can report grade to your master, both of you and your master will get wonderful reward.


Check Master & Apprentice system to know how to apply for a master.



2. Get a Mount and a Pet


When you reach level 5, you can accept quests to get a mount and a pet from NPC Tata in [Snow City / Azure City]. Mount can increase your move speed and pet is a lovely companion, both of them are good assistants. Don't miss them!


She got a bear mount and a bird pet!



3. Get a Treasure - Force Sprite


When you reach level 10, you can accept Force Sprite Quest from NPC Force Sprite Child in [Snow City/Azure City].  Force Sprite is not only gorgeous, but can also increase your attribute and helps you a lot when you attack monsters.  So, don't forget to release it often and let it level up.


Force Sprite


Releasing Force Sprite