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Equipment Forge
** Introduction **

Equipments can be enhanced to play their extreme ability.  With enhance grade increases, not only equipment's power is increased, but also equipment's appearance becomes more beautiful.


Strengthen 1.jpg
Weapon without enhancement


Strengthen 2.jpg
Weapon enhanced +10.


** How to enhance? **
  • Bring enhancement gems to visit NPC Blacksmith.  Every successful enhancement will increase the power of equipment and mark the equipment with enhanced grade number.
  • To enhance equipments with different enhanced grade requires different grades of gems. 
  • Enhancement Gems have three types, and they are respectively for enhancement weapon, defense gear and mount.
  • Enhancement interface shows enhance success rate.
  • After enhancement, equipment’s historical highest enhanced grade will be shown.
  • If the equipment is at its highest enhanced grade it has ever reached, when enhancement failure, it will get extra “success rate” as compensation.


Strengthen 3.jpg Strengthen 4.jpg