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** Master & Apprentice System Introduction **

This system is for new players to get familiar with game faster and for an expert player to offer guidance to beginners.  When apprentice levels up or graduates, both Master and Apprentice will get bonus.


Click "Master" icon at right bottom of game interface to open the interface.  "Master" interface shows information of your master and his apprentices, while "Apprentice" interface shows information of your apprentices.


** M & A Relationship **

1. Requirements

Apprentice Requirements:

  • A player between level 5 and level 24.
  • Have less than 3 masters by now.

Master Requirements:

  • A player has reached level 30.
  • Have no master or have already graduated.
  • Have less than 5 undergraduate apprentices.

Common Requirement:
No matter you are a master or an apprentice, if you just end up Master & Apprentice Relationship, you have to wait for 6 hours and then go to recruit apprentice or apply for a master again.


Other Requirements:

  • Each apprentice can have 3 masters at most.
  • A master can have at most 5 apprentices at the same time, not including graduated ones.
  • Apprentice can graduate when he reaches level 30.


2. How to recruit an apprentice?

  • Face to face: right click the player’s avatar and choose related option to recruit.

  • Apprenticeship System: open "Apprentice" interface, operate related operation and wait for the agreement of your apprentice-to-be.

  • “Master List”: when you reach level 30, open “Master List”, register your name on it and wait for other players to apply as your apprentice.


3. How to find a master?

  • Face to face: right click the player’s avatar and choose related option to apply.

  • b. Apprenticeship System: open "Master" interface and do related operation.  When the master approves your application, you can be his apprentice.

  • “Master List”: open it and choose a player on master list, click “Apply”, when this player approves your application, you will become his apprentice.


*A master has to choose “Approve” option to approve apprentice’s application; otherwise this applicant will fail to be your apprentice.


4. Apprentice Graduation

Master and his apprentice who has reached level 30 team up together, visit NPC Mastership Elder and choose “Graduated” option.  After the apprentice graduated, "Apprentice" status will be changed to "Graduated" status.



If an apprentice has graduated, both sides will no longer get bonus from apprentice’s reporting grades, but reward for Master & Apprentice Quest remains the same.


5. Master & Apprentice Dissolution

  • No Punishment

    If an apprentice hasn’t reported grades to his master for more than 7 days, master can discharge the apprentice, and both sides have no punishment.


    In “No Punishment” condition, master can click “Expulse” button on the “Apprentice” interface to carry out relationship dissolution.

    In “No Punishment” condition, apprentice can click “Quit” button on the “Master” interface to carry out relationship dissolution.

  • Have a Punishment

    If “No Punishment” condition is not full filled, the one who starts to end this relationship will loss 5% experience from his current experience bar, and he can't deal with Apprenticeship System again within 6 hours.

** Bonus **

1. Reporting Grades

Every time an apprentice levels up, both of him and his master will get bonus only when the apprentice reports grade to his master. 


After level-up, apprentice opens “Apprenticeship System”, choose a master and click “Report” button to report to the chosen master, and then they will get bonus.  An apprentice only report to one master every time he reports.



2. Apprentice Bonus

  • Apprentice can get extra experience and force value through report grade to master.
  • Apprentice will get some items (including special medicine, gems and Stand-in Baby) as rewards when he get level 10, level 20 and level 30.  Rewards will be sent by mail.


3. Master Bonus

Master will get extra experience and force value and some items (including Record Scroll, Stand-in Baby and Loudspeaker) as rewards when his apprentice reaches level 20 and graduates at level 30.  Rewards will be sent by mail.


4. Quest Bonus

There are High Reward Quests which are only available for players in Master & Apprentice relationship.