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Class Introduction

There is a motto engraved on Fighter's deep mind: You must protect your companions with your incomparable physique and strength, even if at the cost of your life.  So long as you are not failed, you can't let your companions taking damage.  Even though you are failed, you should fall in front of your companions to block the enemy attacking your companions.


Specialty: Charge and Rush


Main Attribute: Strength 
Weapons: Blade or Axe
Feature: High HP and defense ability; core figure of a team who attract mob's attention to prevent it attacking other teammates; powerful short-distance attacker.



1. Fighter who majors in defense has the highest HP and anti-attack ability.  They can effectively draw mob's attention to protect teammates.

2.Fighter who majors in fury is an intrepid short-distance attacker.  They can make heavy damage to mobs.