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Class Introduction

Every healer is a life-saving angel.  They are unwilling to hurt others, but also don't want to see others are harmed.  One day, Healers understood the truth from lute sounds, since then they use music to save others.  Furthermore, Healers realized that only use music to help others is not enough.  They also need more power to protect themselves and others.  Finally, they did it and that double fans are their edge tool to kill enemies unknowingly.

Specialty: Team Healing


Main Attribute: Intellect  


Weapons: Lute or Fan   
Feature: Unique treatment proficient; take charge of the health of themselves and their teammates; soul of a team; can transform to a powerful long-distance attacker.



1. Healer who majors in Lute has an infinitely merciful heart.  They are good at healing themselves and others by music.

2. Healer who majors in fan has no enough mercy to protect all, so they are prefer to borrow forces of fan to attack enemies.