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** Introduction **

Asura Force has two factions: Cosmos Tribe and Chaos Tribe.



Cosmos Tribe is the oldest Tribe in mortal world.  In ancient time, there were 4 Tribes, including Cosmos Tribe created by mortal king Cosmos, Gonggong Tribe created by Gonggong, Jiuli Tribe created by Zoorong and Lesan Tribe created by Xingtan.  However, the conflict between Cosmos Tribe and Gonggong Tribe has existed for a long time.  They fought with each other once they met.  The warfare continued even when Chaos Tribe was divorced from Gonggong Tribe.


Chaos Tribe didn't exist in ancient time.  When Gonggong destroyed Mount Bu Zhou, he shocked Gods and even the whole Gonggong Tribe.  The divergence of views appeared inside Gonggong Tribe.  Some of them still followed Gonggong, while some of them created a new Tribe called Chaos, led by Zhuanxu.  Chaos Tribe replaced Gonggong Tribe and became one of four Tribes in the mortal world. However, they were still hostile to Cosmos Tribe.



** Conflict between Two Factions **

Over millions of years, the accumulated rancour between Cosmos Tribe and Chaos Tribe   is too deep seated, and they kept fighting with each other all the time.  Once they met in the wild, they always take up arms due to an uncomfortable word, while the winner will win laurels.