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Game Story
** Chaos in the Ancient Orient **




Five Mighty Deities


In Asura Force legend, there were five mighty deities in heaven in ancient time.  They are Goddess Nuwa, Mortal King Cosmos, Water-god Gonggong, Fire-god Zoorong and War-god Xingtan.  In order to compete for the throne of heaven, except Nuwa who prefers to bring benefits to common people wholeheartedly, other four deities led a great war every 500 years.  Nevertheless, Cosmos was always the winner to be an emperor since the first war.


Four Tribes


On the earth, there were four tribes corresponding to the four deities in heaven, including Cosmos tribe created by mortal king Cosmos, Gonggong Tribe created by Gonggong, Jiuli Tribe created by Zoorong and Lesan Tribe created by Xingtan.  However, the conflict between Cosmos Tribe and Gonggong Tribe has existed for a long time.  They fight with each other once they met.  In contrast, Jiuli Tribe and Lesan Tribe rarely care about human affairs, so they always keep out of the battle between Cosmos Tribe and Gonggong Tribe.


Cosmos Tribe locates in the northern ice land with Snow City as the center, while Gonggong Tribe locates in the south of the land with Azure City as the center.  However, no one knows where are the centers of Jiuli Tribe and Lesan Tribe.


Fight for Throne of Heaven


During the renewed fighting for throne of heaven, Fire-god Zoorong and War-god Xingtan were defeated one after another, so the final confrontation was launched between Mortal King Cosmos and Water-god Gonggong.  After a time consuming war, Cosmos got the better of Gonggong and continued to be the emperor of heaven.


However, Water-god Gonggong was not reconciled to his defeat.  In a blaze of passion, he ignored clansman's dissuasion to destroy the Mountain Bu Zhou - the pillar propping up the heaven.  With an earthshaking sound, mountain collapsed, pillar broken, the earth inclined to the southeast, and the sea water flowed backward to land.



Gonggong's act brought devastating disaster to the earth.  Seeing the humanity encountered so unexpected calamity, Goddess Nuwa felt anguished; therefore, she smelted five-colour stones to fill up the heaven, chopped huge turtle's feet to support the earth, killed black dragon to pacify central plain, plied up reeds and lime to obstruct the flood.  Finally, the big disaster was terminated.    



Chaos Tribe   


Gonggong's act of destroying Mountain Bu Zhou shocked Gods and even the whole Gonggong Tribe.  The divergence of views appeared inside Gonggong Tribe.  Some of them still followed Gonggong, while some of them created a new tribe called Chaos, led by Zhuanxu.  


Chaos Tribe replaced Gonggong Tribe and became one of new four tribes in the mortal world.  However, they were still hostile to Cosmos Tribe.  A thousand years later, Zhuanxu flied up to heaven and became one of new five mighty deities.


Fled to Devildom


Every god of heaven detested Gongong, so Emperor Cosmos led two worlds of heaven and earth to chase Gonggong and his underlings.  Chaos Tribe also joined this chase.  Gonggong and his underlings fled all the way, with serious casualties and heavy hurt.


However, when Gonggong and his underlings went to dead end, they accidentally found an illusory gate which leads to the devildom.  At that time, Gonggong had no choice but fled to devildom with his underlings.  When pursuers of heaven and earth came, the gate had vanished...






** New Beginning **


Five Taoism Ancestors 


After one hundred years since Gonggong fled to devildom, the earth invaded and attacked by demons frequently.  Emperor Cosmos suspected all these devilries were controlled by Gonggong, but he could do nothing to help.  Goddess Nuwa couldn’t bear the people to suffer misery again, so she came to the earth to give people guidance.  Living up to Nuwa's expectation, five mortal stood out from the masses to learn five taoist magic respectively.  They were Fighter, Mage, Healer, Ranger and Hunter.



After five mortal had learned taoist magic, Nuwa finally felt relieved to return heaven.  The five mortal followed Nuwa's instruction to impart five taoist magic to the masses and led them to wipe out demons.  Consequently, they were remembered as Five Taoism Ancestors.

Then one day, five taoism ancestors disappeared suddenly, and no one had a credible clue. Nonetheless, many mortal had learned five taoist magic in that time and they did their utmost to pass on the five taoist magic continually.  As a result, demons can only make troubles occasionally......



Save the World 

In a blink, time brings a great change to the world.  After another millions of years, circumstances changed with the time.  At present, demons run wild everywhere.  Not only the earth, but the heaven is also in crisis.  Now, the heavy responsibility of saving the world is entrusted to you.  So why still hesitate?  Act now!