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Gift Bag
** Register Gift **


Everyone who registers a Asura Force account will be rewarded “Register Gift”.


How to get it?

Step1: After you register a Asura Force game account successfully, “Register Gift” will be sent to your new registered account automatically.

Step2: Download game client, install it, login game, visit NPC "Gift Bag Deliver" and talk to her.

Azure City: Gift Bag Deliver (646, -3541)
Snow City: Gift Bag Deliver (894, 513)


Step3: Open "Mailbox" located on mini map to get your gift bag!


Register Gifts:


Icon Item Name Usage Number Value
Exp. Bonus Pill Use it to enjoy a big increase in experience. Due to its strong effect, it can be used when user reaches a certain level. 1 25 A-Points
Instant HP Pill
(lvl 1)
Use: Instantly restores 200 health points instantly. For both combat & non-combat states. 20 20 A-Points
Force Absorption Pill
(30%, 60m)
Use it to absorb extra 30% Force when killing monsters. Lasts 1 hour. 2 28 A-Points
Exp. Absorption Pill
(30%, 60m)
Use it to absorb extra 30% experience.  Lasts 1 hour. 2 28 A-Points
Loudspeaker Use it to shout in world chat channel.  2 36 A-Points
50 F-Points Right-click to open it and get 50 F-Points.
*F-Points can buy items in FP shop in game.
1 50 A-Points
(Flower Rain)
To let off flower-rain like fireworks for fun. 5 10 APs