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** Introduction **


Achievement is a record of players’ glorious history, and it can also prompt players what should they do to gain more achievement.


Achievement is divided into General, Quest, Event, Life, Collect, Track and Special total seven categories.  Each category will be further classified as required, such as every event is a small classification of "Event".



Click "Achievement" icon on mini map or press the key "U" to open achievement interface.


** Gain Achievement **


Players will receive a prompt message when they gain an achievement.  The message will stay for 5 seconds, and you can click it to open achievement interface before message box disappeared.



** Show Achievement **


Players can show achievement title to others in chat box - it’s the same as showing equipment name – press shift and left-click the achievement icon.  No matter you have already got the achievement or not, you can show the achievement, and you can click to open it after the title was shown in chat box.