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** Introduction **

Auto-fight function is to reduce the boring feel of regular farming and let players enjoy game better.



** Auto-fight Settings **
  • Set restoring function in combat:
    • Set the lower limit of HP and MP.  When HP and MP fall to lower limit value, restoring potions will be used automatically.
    • Choose HP and MP restoring potions.  Only restoring potion which can be used in combat is available here.


  • Set skill:

    At most 3 skills can be used in Auto-fight.  Skills will be used in order - from skill 1 to skill 3.  If the previous skill is cooling down, the next skill which is not cooling down will be used; if all the three skills are cooling down, normal attack will be used.



  • Click “Activate Auto-fight” to start Auto-fight

    If you want to stop auto-fight, click “Close Auto-fight” or click keyboard to move character to stop it.


  • Save Settings

    Click “Save” and when you active Auto-fight next time, the saved settings is default choice.


** About Vigour Value **

Every character has 720 points of Vigour value.  Vigour value will be refreshed every day at a certain time.


Vigour will be consumed when Auto-fight is activated.  Every 10 seconds auto-fight consumes 1 point of Vigour.  When Vigour value falls to zero, auto-fight function is not available to use.


Vigour Pills can add your Vigour value.  It can be found randomly in limited edition zone in Shop.  Some calendar events also provide Vigour Pills as drops or reward.