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Force Crystal
** Introduction **


Force Crystal is another important usage of Force.  Force Crystal can be socketed into weapon, defense gear and Force Sprite with slots to enhance their power.  Force Crystal can be conversed from Force.



** Types **


Three types:

1. Top Grade Force Crystal:

socket it to weapons with slot to enhance weapon’s attributes (generally attack attributes).


2. Stars Force Crystal:

socket it to defense gears with slot to enhance defense gear’s attributes (generally defense attributes).


3. Non-polar Force Crystal:

socket it to Force Spirits with slot to enhance Force Sprite’s special attributes.


Different Colors

Top Grade Force Crystals and Stars Force Crystals have different colors like red, blue, yellow, green, purple and orange, different colors represent different attributes respectively.  Non-polar Force Crystal has three different colors


When a player converses Force to Force Crystal, he can choose a color.


** Converse Force Crystal **


A level 20 and above level player can converse Force to Force Crystal by the help of NPC Force Crystal Child.  The child is young but professional that he can converse Force to form a Force Crystal without any loss. 


Player can converse higher level Force Crystals when he reaches higher levels.  A level 20 player can converse level 1 Force Crystal,  a level 25 player level 2 Force Crystal, a level 35 player level 3 Force Crystal, from then on, when you level up by 10 levels, your Force Crystal will level up by 1 level.  Higher level Force Crystal has better attributes.



Force Crystal Child won’t converse Force Crystal with useless attributes.  No Force Crystal is useless, check introduction for its usage.


Only level 6 and above level Force Crystal can be traded between players, low level Force Crystal can’t be traded.



** Synthesize Force Crystal **

With leveling up, low level Force Crystal will not satisfy you.  “Synthesize Force Crystal” is a good way to synthesize low level Force Crystals to high level ones.


Only Force Crystals of the same type and same level can be synthesized.  Four Force Crystals can be synthesized to one Force Crystal with one level higher.  New synthesized Force Crystal has random attributes and same type as the original low level ones.


Synthesize Force Crystal consumes gold.



** Socket Force Crystal **


Socket Force Crystal

  • Item needed: A Force Crystal and a piece of equipment with slot.
  • Right-click Force Crystal and mouse will change to socket mode, move mouse over the equipment with slot, and left-click the equipment. 
  • A box will pop up to confirm your operation, click “Confirm” to complete socket.


Socket Tips

  • Socket Force Crystal doesn’t consume gold.
  • Several Force Crystals can be socketed in one piece of equipment, if it has enough slots. 
  • Same color Force Crystals are not allowed to socket in the same one equipment.
  • Socketed Force Crystal has an expired time.  If Force Crystal is out of date, it will become invalid.  But don’t worry, Force Crystal Child has a good idea to “remove” the expired time.


Remove Force Crystal

Force Crystal can be removed from equipment with the help of Force Crystal Child.  But the kiddy will charge you some gold. 


  • Talk with Force Crystal Child, choose “Remove Force Crystal” option and drag equipment to the box on “Remove Force Crystal” interface. Click “Remove” to remove all the socketed Force Crystals.
  • All the removed Force Crystals will be put into your item bag.  They can be synthesized or socketed to other equipments.  At mean while, the former equipment can be socketed with other Force Crystals again.


After being removed, expire time of Force Crystal will be reset.  It’s very important for players who are favor of synthesizing high level Force Crystals.