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Force Sprite
** Introduction **


Force Sprite will be your loyal and powerful partner.  When you get Force Sprite, it will accompany you to grow up, increase your attributes and help you to fight monsters.




** Basic Info **



Force Sprite will be displayed on game interface when it is equipped.



How to get it:

When a player reaches level 10, he will receive a quest at NPC Force Sprite Child in Snow City / Azure City.  Force Sprite will be given as quest reward.


Two Statuses:

Force Sprite has two statuses: default “Attaching Status” and “Attack Status”.  In “Attack Status”, Force Sprite helps player to attack monster targets, but not BOSS or player character. 


“Attaching Status” & “Attack Status”



The max level of Force Sprite is not confined to weapon, but be confined to player’s current level.


Socket with Force Crystal:

Force Sprite can be socketed with kinds of Force Crystals.  Force Crystal will enhance Force Sprite’s skill and attributes.



** Types **


Force Sprite has two types: Attack type and Defense type. 


Different type Force Sprites increases different attributes.  Attack type mainly increases attack attributes, and Defense type increases defense attributes.


Flame Force Sprite (Cosmos Tribe) and Dark Force Sprite (Chaos Tribe) given as quest reward are both attack type.  Player can choose any type according to your need.





** Force Sprite Breeding **

1. Get a Force Sprite:

When player reaches level 10, he will get a “Force Essence” (Cosmos Tribe - Flame Force Essence; Chaos Tribe - Dark Force Essence) as quest reward. 


2. Items needed in Breeding:

A Force Essence;
A Force Crystal: any kind of Force Crystal, the attributes of this Force Crystal won’t be transferred to Force Sprite;
A weapon: level 10 or above level;


3. Breeding:

Talk with Force Sprite Child, choose “Force Sprite Breeding” option to open the window, and Force Essence will be put into breeding slot automatically, put related materials in the slots and press “Confirm” to start breed Force Sprite.





** Force Sprite Slate **


When a Force Sprite reaches level 10, “Force Sprite Slate” will be activated.




Modules on slate:

Modules will be opened gradually when Force Sprite reaches level 10, 30 and 50. 


Socket with Rune:

Every module can be socketed with one purple quality Rune and one blue quality Rune.  Only when Force Sprite reaches level 50, one module is allowed to socket with two blue quality Runes.


Rune Types:

1. Three qualities:

Purple quality, blue quality and green quality
Different qualities have different abilities to increase Force Sprite’s attributes.  


2. Different functions:

Force Sprite AOE, double experience, double income, move speed increase and attribute increase type.