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** Introduction **


Formation is a kind of methods of Rune usages.  Legendary runes contents great power, since ancient time, people started to study on them.  Sometimes they carried out human’s weird thinking on runes; sometimes they got inspiration from nature, like what, when purple thunder ran from sky through the earth, people found some runes activated a powerful formation - Thunder Formation…



Formation Interface:

Click “Formation” icon or shortcut “O” to open Formation interface. 


“Rune” label shows how to make up Formations – socket required Runes to activate corresponding Formation.



Formation” label shows activated Formations.


Formation Attributes:

Formation has cold down time - a Formation has to cold down for a while before use it again.  Some Formations have life length; some Formations can be destroyed; some Formations have limit on using number.  For example, teleport type Formation will be consumed after being used for several times.



** How to use Formation **


1. To get a Formation Scroll

At first, Formation Scroll is needed to activate a formation.  And then formation can be learnt.


2. Socket Runes to make up a Formation

Each formation requires Formation Runes (maybe the same ones or different).  If Formation Runes are socketed, corresponding formation skills will be displayed on the formation interface.  Formation skills will disappear when Formation Runes are removed.


3. Activate Formation

To activate a Formation, “Force” value and “Glaze” are needed too.  If the two are not enough, formation can’t be activated. 


4. Cast a Formation

When a player casts a Formation, some of his “Force” value and “Glaze” will be consumed.  And he can’t cast Formation or take part in Formation cast again within 15 minutes.  A team can cast only one Formation at the same time.




** Formation Type **


Attack Type: attack your target directly.


Defense Type: increase the recovery of HP, MP, energy and decrease damage suffering.


Assist Type: increase character attributes, experience getting rate and force getting rate.


Summon Type:

summon spirit animals to assist in battle.  Some spirit animals are very powerful.  Spirit animals have three types: attack, defense and assist.


Teleport Type: teleport the Formation caster or other characters to destination.