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Marriage System


If you meet the person of your heart in AF world, you can have dates and finally hold a memorable wedding ceremony through marriage system.

** Dating **


1. Invite to date


When you two reach level 45, you can begin dating.  Every day one character can date twice - one time to invite a date and one time to be invited.  You can only date with the same character once in a day.  Every dating will increase both of your Fondness and bring about experience and force.


Right click the object’s avatar or name, choose “Date Invite” to open dating interface, input love declaration and then send out invitation.  Then wait for the object to agree.  When sending out dating invitation, if you have “Pink Rose” in item bag, you can check “Present a bouquet of pink roses”, and then the entire AF world will see your love declaration!



When the object receives dating invitation, a heart icon will flash below the middle of game interface.  Click it to open “Date Invite” window and there are 3 options:



>>> Choose “Yes” to get a date BUFF immediately for both of you.
>>> Choose “Busy now”, then “Date Invite” window will be closed temporarily, but heart icon is still there unless “Refuse” is chosen.
>>> Choose “Refuse”, and date invite will fail.  You can still accept date invites.  A failed date invite won’t be included in dating.


PS. “Date Invite” is not the same as “Date”.  If you date less than twice in a day, you can invite and be invited to date for unlimited times.  But between two “Date Invite” actions there should be 5-minute interval.


2. Reserve Meeting Place


Reserving dating place needs to consume item “Love Knot” which can be got from NPC Matchmaker Disciple’s quest or his sale.  After meeting place is reserved, but you are inconvenient to meet momentarily, you can cancel the reserving and this behavior won’t be considered as a dating.  At the meantime, dating BUFF will be removed.  If you want to continue to date, you have to invite again.


When it’s your turn to date, a countdown hint will pop up to ask you “Enter Heavenly Valley now?”  If both of you click “Ok” or when countdown ends, you will enter Heavenly Valley.  But if one of you clicks “Leave”, dating BUFF will disappear and dating fails.  Failed dating will not be included in dating.


3. Heavenly Valley


When both of you fly to Heavenly Valley, a normal dating starts and it will be included in today’s dating time.  You can choose to ride golden dragon or phoenix to date.


Dating will continually bring about Fondness, a lot of experience and force.


NPC “Faerie” in Heavenly Valley has items to highlight dating atmosphere and increase Fondness.  Such as item “Fireworks - Everlasting Love”, “Fireworks - Mutual Affinity” and “Fireworks - Deep Affection”.
>>> Fireworks - Everlasting Love: Use it at your meeting place to release flowers to increase both sides' Fondness by 110.
>>> Fireworks - Mutual Affinity: Use it at your meeting place to release flowers to increase both sides' Fondness by 180.
>>> Fireworks - Deep Affection: Use it at your meeting place to release flowers to increase both sides' Fondness by 240.


Default dating duration is 5 minutes, in dating course, you can also click “Leave” button to end dating immediately.



4. Fondness and Date Record


Press “C” to open marriage system.  “Dates List” shows fondness value of all players whom you have dated with.  It can make a rank based on fondness or dating time.


Dating partners can be deleted.  Partner with fondness level 1 can be deleted directly and cannot be restored.  Partner with fondness level 2 can be restored within 48 hours after deleted.


Open “Dates List” window to check out date info.





** Get Married **

1. Get married


It’s not only a witness of love, but also brings about “Couple Skill”.


To get married, you have to meet the following conditions: both of you don’t have couple; your fondness should reach level 5; only you two make a team; one of you have item “Couple Scroll” which can be bought from AP shop.


If the above conditions are fulfilled, please go to NPC Matchmaker (coordinate: 816, -1495) in Heroes City, talk with him and choose “Marry”, and then both of you will see a signature window of “Couple Scroll”, click “Signature” and sign, you will get married when both of you signed.


After getting married, the former fondness level will become couple level, but the unit is still shown as fondness value.  A couple has three skills:


>>> Linked Hearts: couple level needs to reach level 5.  You'll be transported to your spouse after use.  It cannot be used in instances, battlefields and other special scenes.

>>> Eternal Love: couple level needs to reach level 15.  Used on your spouse, sacrifice 20% of your HP to restore 40% of your target's total HP. Your HP must be higher than 50% before use.

>>> Perfect Pair: couple level needs to reach level 25.  When both sides of a couple are online in the form of a team, you can deal extra 60 damage.


2. Divorce


Either side can operate a divorce.  Divorce needs 100 gold (unbound) and item “Divorce Scroll” which is sold in AP shop.


Talk to NPC Matchmaker and choose “Divorce”.  After divorce, you can renew marriage within 48 hours.  If you want to marry again, click renew button at the bottom of couple list interface.


After divorce, both sides' fondness level will remain unchanged, but their couple skill cannot be used.



** Wedding Ceremony **


1. Wedding Registration


The couple has to be online and one side has item “Wedding Token”.  It can be got from NPC Matchmaker by finishing “Wedding Token Exchange” quest.  The token needed in quest can be bought from AP shop.


One of the couple who has “Wedding Token” goes to Heroes City, finds “Wedding Bulletin” and registers wedding scale, scene and time.


There are three wedding styles: common, delicate and luxurious.  Each style has two scenes: Imperial Palace and Celestial Wonderland.  Only reserve wedding during 19:00~24:00 within three days.  Every wedding lasts for 1 hour.


After time and place is registered, a BUFF “Successful Wedding Registration” will appear to remind you.  Successful registered wedding can be checked through “Check/Enter Wedding” function in wedding bulletin.



2. Send Invitation


Go to Matchmaker and choose “Send Invitation” to open the window.  Three kinds of invitation for you to choose: “Wedding Invitation - United Souls”, “Wedding Invitation - Permanent Marriage” and “Wedding Invitation - Mutual Love”.  They are sold in AP shop.  You can edit invitation text by yourself or use “Random Text”.


The lower part of “Send Invitation” window is sending operations.  There are three kinds of players in right box, add them to the left box and click “Send”.  No sending limitation, but only send to 20 players once.  Each sending costs 10 silver coins.


“Reset State” option will change a player’s state from “Sent” to “To be sent”.  Choose a player who has been sent an invitation in right box and click the button to reset.


3. Send blessing and flower basket


Guests can enter “Wedding Bulletin” choose a couple and click “Send Blessing” or “Send Flower Basket”.  Sending blessing or flower basket can bring you a certain amount of experience and force.  The couple can’t send them to themselves.


“Send Blessing” costs 2 gold coins.  “Send Flower Basket” is only available before wedding starts.  If the couple receives a certain amount of flower baskets, their wedding scene will be decorated with many flower baskets.  The more flower baskets a couple receives, more decorations on wedding ceremony.  If you offer 99 roses at a time, a dazzling rose announcement will be activated.


4. Celebration begins


Only couple and players who have received invitation can enter celebration scene.  Only enter during celebration time.  Enter the scene will cost 5 gold coins.


In celebration room, light will shine over the couple.  At the lower left of game interface there is a count-down of wedding celebration and a count-down of celebration start time.


In celebration room, NPC “Ceremony Host” has 4 ceremonies for you: “Happy Couple”, “Lucky Halo”, “Colorful Feast (M)” and “Colorful Feast (L)”.  Ceremony can be only started by couple and it can’t be started in the following situations:
A. When a ceremony is underway;
B. Ceremony open time reaches the max time;
C. Less than 5 minutes before wedding ends.


Ceremony 1. “Happy Couple”
This celebration can be held 3 times at most. When it starts, a dragon and phoenix will appear in the sky and cast lots of gift boxes. Players can pick them up and get many items and F-Point.


Ceremony 2. “Lucky Halo”
This celebration can be held 3 times at most. Before its start, a certain number of gold can be added, and after it starts, 6 halos will appear on the ground and shine alternately. The shining halo is a lucky one, players who are in a halo will receive Exp and Force, and those who stand in a lucky halo will share the additional gold at the end of celebration.


Ceremony 3. “Colorful Feast (M)”
This celebration can be held unlimited times. When it starts, colorful fireworks will be set off for 3 min.


Ceremony 4. “Colorful Feast (L)”
This celebration can be held 3 times at most. When it starts, more colorful fireworks will be set off for 5 min. All online players on the whole server will see heart-shaped flowers in the center of their screens for 40 sec along with the appearance of news.