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Offline Training


Players can get experience from Offline Training system by using Force.


How to Carry out Offline Training

  • Open Force window


    Click “Character” icon on the left corner of game interface or click “C” to open character interface.  Click “Force” to open Force window.


  • Transform Force Cohesion Pill

    If you have enough Force value, click “Transform Force Cohesion Pill” to transform some “Force Cohesion Pills”.  Pills will be put in your item bag.  You can transform at most 18 pills each day.  “Force Cohesion Pill” is bound to character. 


  • Set Offline Training

    To set Offline Training, you only have to drag “Force Cohesion Pill” to related slot on Force window.

    After setting succeeds, the next time when you go offline, you will enter Offline Training state automatically.  In every 10 minutes, one piece of “Force Cohesion Pill” will be consumed. 

    If you leave game from cave or battlefield, you won’t enter Offline Training state.


  • Get Offline Experience

    Offline Training state will stop when you come online again; all the offline experience will be given to you by then.