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Instance Reputation
** Introduction **


Instance Reputation System shows player’s Complete Degree of Instances and wild BOSS.


Each Instance has one complete degree, while all the wild BOSS share one complete degree.  Complete Degree can be promoted by collecting reputation drops from common instance monsters and BOSS.


With the increase of Complete Degree, players will gradually get reward.



** Rules **


The Drop of Reputation Items

  • Common monsters in every instance will drop a special kind of reputation item for players to collect.  Different Instance has different reputation drops.
  • Every BOSS will drop one unique reputation item for collecting.
  • Instance BOSS will surely drop one reputation item every time it gets killed; while common instance monsters have 10% chance to drop.
  • If you are in a team, team members will share the reputation drops together.


Complete Degree

  • The full complete degree is 100%.
  • Different reputation items will promote complete degree in different degree.
  • Reputation items dropped by common instance monsters will complete the whole degree bar by 70% at most, and the rest part (about 30%) will be completed by BOSS reputation items.

    Different BOSS has different upper limitation to complete the whole degree bar.  BOSS number decides the limitation.

  • If max limitation is reached, this kind of reputation item can’t be used any more.  System will point out that the reputation item has reached the max limitation, and it’s invalid in promoting complete degree again.  Please sell them to NPC.
  • Reputation drops can’t be traded between players, but they can be sold to NPC and be used to promote instance’s complete degree. 
  • When certain degrees are reached, player will get relevant rewards.


Instance conquering time

The duration from your entrance to Instance till all BOSS are killed.  The duration will be shown on Instance reputation window.