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Instance Team
** Introduction **


This system is convenient for players who are fond of farming instances to find a team.  In view of classes matching, this system is not an automatic system.


** Interface **


Press “P” or function icon at the bottom left corner to open Instance Team System interface. There are two labels: View a Player and View an Instance.



“View a Player”


  • “All Instances”: includes “Common Instance”, “Event Instance” and “Raid Instance”. 

    Instance which has a higher level than your character won’t be shown.  Instance which has a 10 level lower than your character will be shown in gray color.  The pull-down menu allows you to rank instances by levels or by names.


  • “Players Name”: shows team leader name or player name.  The difference is whether this player teams up or not.


  • “Team Information”: shows team member number.  “3/5” represents a five people Instance has three members already.  “None” represents personal sign up.


  • “Team Status”: 3 statuses – “Gathering”, “Processing” and “None”.

    “Gathering” represents that the team is gathering members.


    “Processing” represents that team has already entered instance and if team member is not full, new members can still sign up and team leader can invite new members as well.


    “None” represents personal sign up.



“View an Instance”


  • “Click here to enter signup information”: input your info to display it on “Signup Information” in both “View a Player” and “View an Instance” interfaces. 


    If “Quest”, “Equipment” and “Achievement” options are checked, they will be shown too.


  • “Signup Information” is empty if no one signs up for this Instance.


  • “Apply to Sign”: choose an Instance and click “Apply to Sign”, if succeed, “Apply to Sign” will change to “Cancel to Sign”. 


    “Apply to Sign” won’t realize team up; it only carries out sign up.  If a player belongs to a team, only team leader can sign up.


    If this Instance has a requirement of entrance tool or entrance limitation, system will check if player or team members meet the requirements.  Hints will pop up to tell you are eligible or not.


  • “Cancel to Sign”: click it to cancel the sign up of current checked instance.


  • “Enter Instance”: a team leader has to choose “Enter Instance” before team members choose this option.