In this event, a bunch of free gift bags will be given to guild leaders for recruiting guild members and enlarge the guild.


If you are a leader, please click the button below to fill in your info and claim free gift bag for your own and 40 gift bag codes for you to recruit new members:


1. Event Duration
Now – Maintenance starts, Jan 22, 2013
2. Event Details

During the event, every guild leader (including new guild leader during event period) can login event page, fill in guild information and get free gifts for guild leader and members.


*Every guild and every character can only participate once.




Appendix: Gift Info


“Guild Leader Gift”


Item Description Number Remarks
Loudspeaker x30 Use it to shout in world chat channel. One shout consumes one Loudspeaker. 1 Bound



“New Recruiter’s Gift”


Item Description Number Remarks
Essence Pill (lvl 1) Use it to gain extra 35000 experience. Fit for level 15+ characters. 3 Bound
Fortune Favor
(3 days)
Fortune Favor give you the following benefits:
Summon your small pet to let him pick items for you. Extra 5% physical attack, extra 5% skill attack, extra 5% physical defense bonus, extra 5% healing effect, extra 5% experience bonus, extra 5% Force bonus and extra 5% luck bonus in looting.
2 Bound
Good Luck

Purple lucky star

+17C.S  +15Res  +5%HP

1 Bound



“Guild Level-up Reward”


Award Guild Level Guild Member Number Guild Leader Reward All Guild Members (includes leader) Reward
Level 1-39 Level 40-49 Level 50
The 1st Prize >= level 6 20 members reach level 50 1000AP 20FP 50FP 100FP
The 2nd Prize >= level 5 15 members reach level 50 700AP 20FP 50FP 100FP
The 3rd Prize >= level 4 10 members reach level 50 500AP 20FP 50FP 100FP
The 4th Prize >= level 3 10 members reach level 40 300AP 20FP 50FP 100FP
The 5th Prize >= level 2 10 members reach level 30 100AP 20FP 50FP 100FP


*All the A-Points and F-Points will be directly sent to player’s account.



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