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[CBT Event] Win "Senior Player" Title in OBT
Dear players,
Thank you for participating in Asura Force CBT. CBT will be held from Dec 4 to 0:00 Dec 11, and Open Beta Test (OBT) is predicted to start at 18:00 Dec 12 (Server Time / GMT - 8).
Every player reaches level 20, 30, 40 and 50 in CBT will get different grades of F-Points rewards and all players above level 30 will get a special Title “Senior Player” in Open Beta Test!
  • Event Duration:
From CBT to OBT
  • Event Content:
Every CBT players can join. Level up your characters, every player who reaches level 20 and above will get F-Points reward in OBT. Higher your level is, more F-Points you will get. Moreover, if you have reached level 30 and above, you will win a title “Senior Player” in Open Beta Test (OBT).
Under the same account, the highest level character’s info will be taken to consideration.
In OBT (be estimated to start at 18:00, Dec 12), your F-Points reward and “Senior Player” title will be sent to your account which registered in CBT.
  • Event Prize:



Player’s Character level in CBT
Reward in OBT
100FP+ Title “Senior Player”
150FP+ Title “Senior Player”
300FP+ Title “Senior Player”

* Prizes of different level stages won't  cumulate.
  • How to claim the prize?
1.     During the OBT, players need to login game with the same account in CBT, and then talk with NPC Gift Bag Deliver”.
NPC “Gift Bag Deliver”
Cosmos Tribe: Snow City (841, 417)
Chaos Tribe: Azure City (708, -3549)
2.     Open “Mailbox” located on mini map to claim your prize gift.
*Under every account, only one character can get the prize; the character under the same account which talks with NPC “Gift Bag Deliver” firstly will get prize.
Level up in AF is easy and funny, don’t miss the chance!
AF Operation Team