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Player Interview - Mephistox
Mephistox is an active player in Asura Force Online. His guild has won the Top 1 guild in AFO close beta test. Now in open test, his guild is still popular!
Q: Hi, Mephistox. Would you please introduce yourself first? Where are you from?
- My name is Zeke and I‘m 19 years old currently living in the Philippines. I have been a gamer for 10 years and presently playing Asura Force Online. I am also a student who is taking Information Technology in University Of Santo Tomas.
I started playing since I was in the 1st grade which I discovered a cool MMORPG and I loved it so dearly that it developed a passion of playing MMORPG. I am a very friendly guy and I love hanging out with my friends and loved ones. I can be your go-to guy when you need any help or have any problem regarding something I can help you with. When it comes to games I really like handling a guild because it’s fun and challenging specially when you encounter foreign members that you will have to make effort to reach out to so they won’t feel alone or out of place and also the Guild Wars and the drama between warring guild is so interesting to experience. I really love Asura Force. It’s the best Free-to-play Game out there!
Q: Please introduce something about your character. (Class? Name? Tribe?...)
- My In-game name is Mephistox. You can call me Zeke even if you don’t personally know me. My tribe is the all mighty Chaos Tribe although this is the first time I played as a Darkie I had fun playing both Light or Dark in other games.
My class is a Fighter and may I say I love that fighters here can be a tank even if you go for Fury build. Fighters can stun lock an opponent if you know the right combination of skills and also deal huge damage to opponent when you get close to them. Not to mention how cool the armors of fighters cool specially the +10. I use axe as my main weapon because it has a high minimum damage output. Pretty much everything about the fighter is balanced, that’s the best part of being a warrior/fighter in every game.
Q: What attracts you most in Asura Force Online?
- I love Asura Force Online because of the Gameplay content it offers to the players. The game is like an old school MMORPG where you quest+ grind at the same time. I love the fact that you can go to your enemy’s territory and kill them for honor/gold or items. The game may not be visually stunning but the other factors like gameplay and pvp-content makes up for it.
The simplicity of the game is its beauty and it’s perfect for a boy who grew up playing 2D/2.5D games like me. Asura Force Online is one of the FreeToPlay Games out there that will get you addicted for hours and hours. Right now I have no problem about the game and I am having fun playing my character and hanging out with my dear members.
Q: Are you online every day? What kinds of things you do when you are online?
- Yes I am online everyday from Monday to Friday and my usual play time is about 12 hours or more starting from 9am/10am to 4am midnight. When I go online I always do my convoy quest first mostly the daily quiz because it’s a good way to start off your gaming with dailies that can provide you with huge amount of exp.
After doing my dailies I do my main or normal quest to maximize my leveling speed to level as fast as I can and to keep up my rank in the top 10. I always check how my guild is doing while I’m gone, I will ask them if what happened while I was gone this includes new events, PK reports, newly discovered info about the game and much more which I will compile to make a big guide for our guild. At the end of the day before I go to sleep I make sure I do all this things including socializing with other people in chaos and doing dungeon runs for better equipments
Q: We are interested about your guild. How many members now? What’s your guild’s target currently?
- We have 40 members now(max members for a level 1 guild). I was surprised that the guild was already full within an hour. Our target level is 5 so we can enjoy all the benefits of having a guild. We still have CBT members who are not yet playing so I am worrying about leveling the guild as fast as we can to maximize our guild capacity.
Our main goal is to participate in City wars and win it to become city lords and become a consistent top 1 guild in the game. We are a strong and organized guild who speaks English as our main language to communicate to each other. We love to raid the opposing faction’s territory to wreck havoc and disrupt the players there and have fun doing it. I always tell my members to share their extra items to those members who are in need of items. We are very supportive when it comes to guild mates.
As our guild name says “MostWanted’ if you’re one of us then you’re not only wanted your MOSTWANTED. You will never feel alone because that’s how we roll so join us now and be part of the family!
Mephistox’s Guild - MostWanted
Q: Wanna say something to your guild partners?
- Thank to all who have supported our guild.  Thanks to all my precious members who are the heart and soul of the guild who login everyday and make sure the guild is lively and active. United We Stand and We will Never Fall.
To all other guilds who we truly respect Noxious guild etc. We love you guys and we hope to keep up a tighter bond with you to keep Chaos the best Tribe out there. GO MOSTWANTED!
Q: We know there are various in-game & off-game events are going. Which event do you like best? What type of event do you expect?
- Obviously I like the Guild ranking Event and the Suggestion Event. I like suggesting things that will improve the game and make it a better place for all the Mira Game lovers out there.
The guild events that benefit all the guilds in the game is great and also I love the rankings event because of the rare title that you can get from winning. I expect more PVP related events from the game which involves prizes coming for the GM.
Thanks for your time!
AF Editor Team