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Solve Install / Login Failure Problem
Dear players,
If you failed to set up or login Asura Force Online, you can try the following methods to solve the problem.
  • Three kinds of install / login failure problems are listed for now:
A. Error "Client init failed"
B. Login Failure caused by AVG
C. Login Failure caused by Avast
  • Main solutions:
Run the game by “Run as Administrator” or disable anti-virus software temporarily while set up or login the game. You can try similar operations if you have other anti-virus softwares on your computer.
  • Detailed Solutions:
A. Error "Client init failed"
      If you receive a report as below, please try to "right click" the game client and choose “Run as Administrator”.  Some players have solved this problem by doing this.
Error example
B. Login Failure caused by AVG
Provided by warmhearted player hokage:
1.     Open AVG.
2.     Click Tools and choose "Advance Settings".
3.     Move down the menu list and choose "Allowed List".
4.     Click "Add".
5.     Find the file you want to add and then click "Add'' again.
*How to write "file"?

For example, if you installed Asura Force on Disc C in Program Files you're gonna write: C:/Program Files/Asura Force/playgame.exe  

Or whatever the game folder name is.

If the above solution dose not work, then disable AVG for 5minutes, open the client and then enable AVG again when the client is open.
C. Login Failure caused by Avast
If login failure is caused by anti-virus software, such as Avast, please choose "allow Asura Force Online to run", "add Asura Force Online to white list" or "temporarily stop anti-virus software" items.
      Below is an example to run AF client in PC installed anti-virus software Avast
      *You can do similar operations if you installed other anti-virus softwares.
Method a: Check an item in Avast settings


When some Avast users login Asura Force Online, they may come across login problem and have to solve it by “Disable (Avast) for 10 minutes” before login AF Online. 

Now here is a new solution provided by Avast. By using it, you don’t have to “Disable (Avast) for 10 minutes” every time before login AF Online and you can enter game directly without Avast's block!   Just operate as below:


1. Left click Avast icon to open user’s interface.



2. Open “SECURITY” -> "ANTIVIRUS” -> “Web Shield” -> "Settings”



3. Choose “Main settings” and check item “Scan traffic from well-known browser processes only”.



After you check the item above, you can enter game smoothly and don’t have to “Disable (Avast) for 10 minutes” before login AF Online.  If the above method doesn't work, try "Method b" or "Method c" below:


Method b: Disable Avast for a while and set up / login game
1.          Right-click Avast icon, choose "avast! Shields control" --> "Disable for 10 minutes".
If your computer is slow to set up the game, disable Avast longer, for example, “Disable for 1 hour”.
2.       A hint will pop up to comfirm operation, click "Yes" to continue.
3.       After disabling Avast, player can install / login game.
4.       After entering game, 10 minutes later, Avast will restore its scanning again automatically, however player's state in game won't be affected.
5.       After entering game, player can also restore Avast's scanning manually. Double-click Avast icon to open control panel and choose "Restore Scanning".
6.       If you don't want to disable all kinds of scanning, you can choose "Scan web (Http) traffic" --> "Stop for 10 minutes". After entering game, enable web traffic san again.
Method c: Disable Avast for a while and set up the game, and then add “playgame.exe” in Avast’s “exclusions”.
Provided by warmhearted player Ahile:
1.     Disable Avast for 10 minutes or longer by steps above, and install game client.
2.     After your games has installed, you will add the "playgame.exe" from the game folder to exceptions.
3.     To do that go to avast interface, and click on settings at top right.  
Go to exclusions and click "Add".  
Now you are gonna add the "playgame.exe" there.  For example, player Ahile installed the game on Hard Drive D in a folder called Laci and subfolder asura force. So what he goes to do is write:
D:/Laci/asura force/playgame.exe
If you installed on C in Program Files you're gonna write:
C:/Program Files/Asura Force/playgame.exe    or whatever the game folder name is.
4.     Click OK and you are all set. Now you can enable the shields back.
If you still have problem, please look for help through Support Platform or AF Forum.  Players with other solutions, welcome to share on forum too.  Thank you!
AF Operation Team